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OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan

LG V20 LCD Screen replacement can replace your damaged and broken screen, help you solve the screen crack issue and burning problem. Here we provided you an original digitizer replacement.


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OEM IPS LCD Screen with Digitizer for LG V20 Titan Description

-Brand new and original LCD Screen with Digitizer replacement.

-Compatible with LG V20 only.

-Color: Titan

-This is the IPS LCD screen replacement for LG V20.

-It comes with LCD screen and touch screen.

-If your LG V20 lcd got scratched and broken, or it is flickering continually, or it just display nothing and blank page, you should get this original replacement for your LG V20. This original screen replacement maybe the part you need.


Common problems on LG V20 screen:

1. Touch screen fail/Touch not working

-Have you encounter problem of LG V20 touch screen, like missing touches, swipes intermittently? For example when I'm scrolling down on website it has missed the touch several times, and sometimes when I typing a message or inserting a new address in chrome the stock keyboard misses a touch or two.

2. Lines on the screen

-“My LG V20 drop once and the screen was fine, but several days later I saw blue line on the display, and no matter what I did the line just on there.”

3. Screen bleeding issue

- There’s light bleeding on the top of the screen. It's not visible when you look directly at display but at an angle it's clearly visible, then the very top part of the touch screen is not responding to touch.

4. Screen flickering/blinking

-“My LG V20 screen sometimes blinks, brightness go lighter, darker, lighter.... Although I disable adaptable brightness.”


How to do the LG V20 screen replacement?

1. Touch screen no responds/Touch not working

-The touch screen's performance may be affected by dirt, heat, or the use of device covers or screen protectors.

-Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements.

-Try restart your LG V20, which sometimes automatically solves the issue by turning off all running applications and free up memory.

2. Black/White/Blue lines on the screen

1) Black lines

-Black lines on the LG V20 screen are something that cannot be fixed with a software repair. It's a hardware issue and will require change the digitizer/display or receiving a new device.

2) White line

-Tried play build in video with build in local app, if the white line is showed on same place, then it’s for sure the screen is a defective one. You should contact your Local support and ask for help.

3) Blue lines

-Blue line often appears after phone dropping or screen hitting, which damage the inner display.

3. Screen bleeding issue

-A LCD Problem. Backlight bleeding most commonly occurs when this light is not 100% blocked, allowing excess light to "bleed" around the edges of the LCD panel. This backlight bleeding issue leaves spots of lighter areas on a dark background. It's a Quality control problem. You can contact your local support and ask for a device change.

4. Screen flickering/blinking/Ghost touch

-Sometimes the screen flickering problem can be fixed by Sony official software, but if there’s no official solution for it, you can also try reconnecting the screen flex cable, causing the flex cable may be loosen when accidentally drop or hit.


However, if software ways above and flex cable reconnection cannot fix those screen problems, then you should turn to the hardware solution: change a new screen. How to replace LG V20 screen? Here we also provide a video repair guide for LG V20 screen replacement.



-Please check your model before ordering.

-Professional and careful operation is recommended.

-Matched tools are recommended.

-Take out the SIM Card Tray before removing the Motherboard.

-Test before you install all other parts.

-Clean the original adhesive before you put on the new one.

-Screen protector film is high recommended for protecting the new screen.

-Watch the video tutorial before starting repair is recommended.

Package Content

1 x OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer for LG V20 Titan

1 x Professional Screen Cleaning Paper

Packing Details

-Weight: 0.04 KG

-Packing Size: 16 × 7.6 × 0.2 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.12 KG

  • OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan
  • OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan
  • OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan
  • OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan
  • OEM LCD Screen with Digitizer Replacement for LG V20 Titan

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